SeatGeek Frequently Asked Questions


SeatGeek’s singular goal is to make live events a better experience.

We make it easier than ever to buy, share and sell tickets to every Canton Charge home game.


Q: Is my Flash Seats AXS account still active?

A: Yes. To manage your Charge account, however, you will need to create a SeatGeek account.

Q: How will my money transfer from my Flash Seats (AXS) account?

A: If you have a balance on your AXS account, you can keep it there to use toward future non-Charge secondary market sales, or have the remaining funds EFT to your bank account.

Q: Will I still be connecting with my Charge Ticket Representative for my ticketing needs?

A: Absolutely! Your Charge Ticket Representative’s information will be easily accessible via your account manager. For SeatGeek specific questions, you will also have excellent customer service with the SeatGeek team. You can easily reach them via the SeatGeek App.

Q: Will I still have digital ticketing?

A: Yes, you can access your digital tickets via the Charge App or the SeatGeek App, both of which are available on the App Store and Google Play.

Q: Do I need the SeatGeek App to get into Canton Memorial Civic Center or Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse?

A: You can use either the Charge App or SeatGeek App.

Q: Do I need to build a new account with SeatGeek or will my Charge Ticket Representative build it for me?

A: You'll be emailed instructions on December 4th on how to link your Charge account to SeatGeek. It’s super easy!

Q: Can I still re-sell my tickets if I can’t go to a game or event at the Canton Memorial Civic Center or Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse?

A: Yes! Selling and transferring tickets is even easier with SeatGeek.

Q: Can I still transfer my tickets via e-mail?

A: Transfers are available from desktop, mobile web, or the App. Screenshots are prohibited. You will have the ability to send transferred tickets to an email or mobile number.

Q: Can I still re-sell tickets on StubHub?

A: Remember, as a Charge Nation Member, you can sell and transfer your tickets on SeatGeek without fees. SeatGeek is the official secondary market of the Charge and will be able to provide the highest level of service to you.

Q: Does my credit card still work or do I need to submit a new one?

A: For ease and usability, we recommend that you provide your credit card information as prompted when you first link your account.

Q: If I have questions about this transition to SeatGeek, who should I communicate with?

A: Reach out to your Charge Ticket Representative.

Q: If I have tickets to a previously scheduled event, do I need to do anything?

A: Not at all! You can use your AXS App to enter the event.


Why did the Charge choose SeatGeek as their new ticketing provider?

The Charge and SeatGeek all share the same innovative mentality and prioritize the fan experience above all else. Together, we will continue to make attending games an even better experience.

What benefits does using SeatGeek offer?

Ticketing made simple – From managing your tickets to attending a game, SeatGeek makes the whole process as easy as possible.

Consistent ticketing experience – Access your tickets from any device or platform, including, the Canton Charge app or the SeatGeek app—it’s the same intuitive experience everywhere.

Two-tap Selling – Instantly post your tickets to SeatGeek for resale from your Account Manager.

More than just a ticket – With Rally, your “ticket” is more than just a ticket. It includes gameday information like Event Policies, Directions, Weather and more.

Online package purchases – Select your seats and purchase your packages online. You can even apply your existing account credit towards your online purchase.

Covid Conscious – If an event is being held at reduced capacity, fans can feel assured about their safety: only a full pod of tickets can be purchased, resale will be blocked unless the full pod is posted and Covid Event Policies can be displayed on the digital ticket.