By Sean Wyatt | May 28, 2015

Pozzie is proud to be all about Canton. He is resilient, taking every hit with the intent to shake it off and take that next step. Pozzie, like Canton, is loyal. They are both strong and hold their heads high. They look and feel average – but have passion that shines in a way that that is anything but ordinary.

  • Pozzie is the classic scrappy underdog.
  • Pozzie is 6 foot 225 lbs with 0% body fat. He was signed as a free agent on November 23rd 2012.
  • Before joining the Charge, Pozzie lead the National Mascot League in 3 point percentage, points per game, steals, blocks, rebounds and influential pregame speeches.
  • Pozzie refuses to choose between Droid or iPhone so he uses a rotary phone.
  • Pozzie has been rumored to be dating super model Adriana Lima but he would not comment.
  • When Pozzie is not having fun at the Civic Center he can be seen throughout the city appearing at parades, parties and community events.
  • Pozzie’s pet peeves are quiet fans and opposing players.
  • Pozzie’s hair is done by Hollywood stylists on Sunset Boulevard.
  • Pozzie’s favorite colors are wine and gold.
  • Pozzie’s favorite heroes are Moondog, Sir C.C. and John Wayne.

If you are interested in having Pozzie attend your event, please email your request to Sam Armstrong: sarmstrong@cantoncharge.com.

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