By Sean Wyatt | May 28, 2015

  • Pozzie is the classic scrappy underdog.
  • Pozzie is 6 foot 225 lbs with 0% body fat. He was signed as a free agent on November 23rd 2012.
  • Before joining the Charge, Pozzie lead the National Mascot League in 3 point percentage, points per game, steals, blocks, rebounds and influential pregame speeches.
  • Pozzie refuses to choose between Droid or iPhone so he uses a rotary phone.
  • Pozzie has been rumored to be dating super model Adriana Lima but he would not comment.
  • Pozzie’s pet peeves are quiet fans and opposing players.
  • Pozzie’s hair is done by Hollywood stylists on Sunset Boulevard.
  • Pozzie’s favorite colors are wine and gold.
  • Pozzie’s favorite heroes are Moondog, Sir C.C. and John Wayne.

If you are interested in having Pozzie attend your event, please email your request to Sam Armstrong: sarmstrong@cantoncharge.com.

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