Charge Dive In

By Sean Wyatt | January 28, 2020

Who wants to learn to swim?

On Monday evening at the Lake Community YMCA, there was something of a novel sight: in a sea of kids at swim practice, Charge guard Muhammad-Ali Abdur-Rahkman was diving into his own swim lesson with Aquatics Director, Nathan Rose.

“The lesson went well!,” said Rose. “He’s starting from a good position. He’s comfortable in the water and came in knowing the basics of freestyle, so we could work on more complicated drills.”

Abdur-Rahkman is at home on a basketball court, but he wanted to improve his skills in the water, so he reached out to YMCA staff when they attended a Charge game.

“I used to live across the street from a Boys and Girls Club and would go swimming every day. I just kind of taught myself,” he said. “After school, I’d go swim, play basketball, then go home.”

The Charge have worked with the YMCA of Central Stark County branches by helping lead junior basketball clinics. But this is the first time a Charge player has been the student and not the teacher. The results? A good stroke, but his treading water needs a little work.

“I’m coming back for another lesson, for sure,” said Abdur-Rahkman.