Bubble Wrap: Sir’Dominic Pointer

By Sean Wyatt | March 22, 2021

Charge G/F Sir’Dominic Pointer was in the midst of realizing his NBA dream with a 10 Day Contract from the team who originally drafted him in 2015, the Cleveland Cavaliers, when the 2019-20 season was suspended due to COVID.  It was the culmination of years of hard work and a season where he was the first in League history to post 80 blocks and 80 steals.

So it’s no surprise after the dust settled and the new season came about, that Dom would be back for another run with the Wine & Gold to try and pick up where he left off.  It’s also no surprise that Dom’s elite defending prowess also picked up right where he left off on that 80/80 season.

The surprise would be trying to prepare for a 15 game season in Orlando with Canton’s two big men sidelined before opening tip – Norvel Pelle called up by Brooklyn and Marques Bolden dealing with an early back injury.

“Once again Sir’Dom stood out on the defensive end for the Charge, especially at the beginning of the season when he was forced to defend the opponents 5’s due to the team being short-handed up front,” said Charge play-by-play voice Scott Zurilla.  “He was, however, once again one of the better defenders in the NBA G League both on the perimeter and in the paint.”

Pointer’s 6-6, 192-pound frame served the Charge admirably as a big man, grabbing 10 boards and swatting four blocks in the opener,  and averaging 3.0 blocks per game in the first five.  He wasn’t just defensive-minded either, hitting 10-of-13 attempts from the field and 4-of-5 from three-point range to net 29 points in the win over Austin, tying a career high.

Pointer’s “do-it-all” attitude on the court translates into his leadership skills as well.  As quick as he is to swipe a pass or swat a shot, he’s equally as speedy to offer a teammate advice on the right spot to be or encouragement after a great play.  Dom’s strengths shine throughout the game whether he plays 31 minutes like that win against the Spurs or 15 in the victory over eventual-champions the Lakeland Magic.  Despite not having a huge impact on the court that game, Dom was engaged in every facet with his coaches & teammates to play whatever part he could in the victory.

The defensive playmaking was there during the whole bubble (top 10 in both blocks and steals) but things really rounded a corner of patience & maturity with Pointer to help make him more of a complete player.  He was a calm presence to the team while facing a season and situation unlike any other faced before.

“It was great to have Sir’Dom back with us again,” said Charge General Manager Brendon Yu.  “He’s continued to grow as a leader and was a great vet to have while also being one of the best defensive playmakers I’ve seen.”

While he wasn’t able to pick up exactly where he left off to end 2019-20, it should be no surprise to Dom or whatever team lands him next just how much quality they have in such a complete player and person.

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