Alex Stein in Review

Official Release | September 2, 2020

by Joanna Radov, contributor

Alex Stein delivered consistency during his rookie season, a rare characteristic for someone’s first year of professional playing.

Charge play-by-play announcer Scott Zurilla commented, “I thought Alex showed great professionalism as a rookie. On a team deep at guard, Alex didn’t get a ton of time, but showed a lot of patience and had a great attitude. He’s a tough competitor with an excellent work ethic as I always saw him in the gym or weight room working on his game and because of that his game grew leaps and bounds from early in the season.”

The 6-3 guard out of Southern Indiana averaged 2.2 points and 0.4 assists in 6.2 minutes of playing time, showing a composed presence in late minutes of games.

“Stein was an integral part of the team this year,” added Charge GM Brendon Yu. “He brought it every single day and truly put 110% into whatever he did. His game and confidence really grew this year because of all the work he put in behind the scenes. He was a picture perfect example of what it means to be a great teammate. When we were short handed and needed him to step up he did and we didn’t miss a beat.”

The hard work was paying off as Stein’s numbers got better throughout the season. On February 19th, he tallied a season-high eight points and matched his season-best of four boards during a 106-94 win against the Northern Arizona Suns.

When asked about Alex, Charge Head Coach Nate Reinking said, “Stein is the ultimate professional, teammate and person to have on a squad.  He is highly skilled and can be a sniper from long distance.  His game time was limited but it did not deter from his high work ethic and contributions to our success.  His unseen habits and high standards were showcased every day when he hit the floor.  He is going to find a way to have a long career.”

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